Make your body the sexiest outfit you own!


Rebecca Schroder

It was important to me when creating FIT-U that it was accessible to people from all walks of life.
Everyone deserves to be healthy!

FIT-U offers online workouts that you can do at the gym and at home as well as meal prep plans that you can enjoy without feeling like you are restricting yourself!

How May I Help You?

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Workout Plans

Looking to get into shape? Take a look at our workout plans which you can do at the gym or at home!


Meal Plans

Looking to achieve your dream body? Take a look at our meal plans to help you achieve that!

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Take a look at what our clients have to say about us!

Work With Me

FIT-U is a platform where you can become the best and healthiest version of yourself. 

There is no need to exhaust yourself and your body when there is an easier and healthier way to get to your goal while being able to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.